Thoughts on a Women Vitamins Theme

Wow…I am in the midst of launching a vitamin company with a long time friend who has 20+ years experience in the  nutritional formulations and holistic health arenas.

We have a great product line called Basics Vitamins.  We have a website up and running: I am constantly working on pamphlet designs and postcard designs and thinking and writing articles about women’s health and weight and vitamin issues.

I enrolled in Google Alerts about womens health, weight loss, weight maintenance, vitamins, lap band surgeries, bariatrics….and I am overwhelmed by the number of articles and appeals written by people looking for products to support their health choices…and by how many people are still out there “crying in the wilderness”.

When I read these posts and articles, I want to personally answer each plea for assistance with a “Wait! Don’t give up hope!  I have a wonderful product for you!”

Because I do….have a wonderful product linecalled Basics Vitamins.

People maintaining weight, or looking to lose weight …begin a healthier eating pattern by choosing the 5-6 meal per day plan…this is a great way to get your protein…use our Basics P3: Power Protein Powder, with 20 grams of whey protein isolate, the highest absorption factor in protein…for 2 of your meals and you will be surprised by how satisfied you are.  No hunger pangs, no desire for extra sweets.  Go ahead and add fruits to jazz it up…or drink it plain.  It has a great flavor, no chalkiness, no clumps, no after taste….just the comfort of knowing you are doing something good for yourself.

I am a school teacher of 8th graders (13 year olds–for those of you who are not parents)…I use Basics P3 power protein powder, every day for breakfast…I use whole milk and throw in a variety of fruits…from bananas to blueberries..and viola!  I am never hungry before lunch, I maintain my weight and my energy….

Basics A-Z Complete Liquid Vitamins provides you with 11 vitamins and 70 colloidal minerals in a pleasant tasting liquid form.  One ounce in the morning and you are good to go…  Notice there are no fillers, no un-digestible gel caps, no mouthfuls of pills to swallow…just an ounce of vitamins, a mouthful of goodness…. the absorption process starts as soon as it hits your mouth.

I use this liquid multivitamin as well, and can tell the days I don’t…I have a great supply of energy.  I just feel good.  And for that I am eternally grateful!

me and knightly cropped

Me and Knightly...I am in my upper 40's, use Basics everyday and feel great!

So if you are finally ready do the right thing for yourself….give Basics Vitamins and Protein a try.  Visit us at and check us out!


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