When Exercise and Diet Fail

Catchy title, eh?

When exercise and diets fail…..but wait…there’s a problem…THEY DON”T FAIL!

This week I was looking for topics to blog about.  seems like every time I turned around…the facts presented themselves that exercise, healthy foods, and vitamins can help with everything from:

  • depression
  • weight loss
  • autism
  • diabetes….   the list goes on

    Balancing exercise with healthy food and women vitamins

    Balancing exercise with healthy food and women vitamins

When we exercise and take care of ourselves, we feel good, we create all kinds of natural chemicals and compounds that allow the body to regulate itself in a healthy manner. The manner it was designed to be.

Yet,  for some reason,  we prefer to pretend that our problems can only be cured with pills, prescriptions and other people’s programs.

Somewhere on the path, we have lost the ability or desire to save ourselves…we are not proactive– we are reactive. We would rather place the blame on someone else and forget that we are  solely responsible for ourselves.  We want quick and easy and painless “fixes” …  forgetting that sweat equity, dedication, and investment bring personal rewards returns on so many levels.

Somewhere in the last 40 years we have bought the theory that a pill can fix everything…I remember my grandma’s medicine cabinet….holding toothpaste, deodorant, aspirin, Vick’s vapor-rub, tea tree oil, oil of cloves, oil of peppermint…..and that assortment seemed enough to see her thru 86 years of independent healthy living….no arthritis, no heart issues, no broken bones.

Gram worked all her life, walked and walked, drank gallons of coffee, baked and shared her creations with others, attended church, drove like an Indy 500 racer, and passed of a stroke in her sleep.  I think she would have been baffled by life today…Her mantra was “mind over matter, Kersty.”  She believed you were in charge of your life and you were supposed to do what had to be done; no self pity, no waiting to be saved by others or by pills or by some magic mystical thinking.

Bill Mahr, a favorite comedian of mine has a set that sort of focuses on this same issue:


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