Being the Change

So, we are all trying to be more health conscious….trying to live our lives with purpose and intention, not just drifting through it all as if we have no ownership in this experience called life. And if you are like me, awakening to all the potentials, it is pretty humbling and awesome.

If I can sum it up, it seems as if there are stages of personal evolution at work here:

* we recognize that we need to be cognizant and responsible for ourselves and our actions
* we start to put this awareness into practice
* we try daily to expand our routines to include new behaviors and responses
* we open ourselves up to continuing the process by expecting and welcoming changes

So what  are we doing?  We are exercising, eating more natural foods, we are trying to moderate our stress levels, and we are being more spiritually aware of our place in the Universe.

I have started to substitute fresh fruits and vegetables for canned and frozen.  I have found a local farmers’ market where I do my best to support local organic farmers.  I now buy organic milk even though the price of a half gallon is equal to what I used to spend on a gallon of regular milk plus a pint of 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee.  I also am buying cage free, brown eggs…and looking for organic beef from a small butcher store.

I have started eating more, smaller meals to accommodate the natural rhythms of my digestive system.  I am careful to feed my body the minerals and vitamins it needs as well.  And I supplement my traditional meals with effective and efficient protein shakes.  It is my belief that the body is a resilient yet sensitive  organism that WANTS to be balanced and healthy and whole….so I am trying my best to listen to it more closely, and I am surprised by how much it really tells me.

blackeyed susans, backyard, women vitamins

Black-eyed susans abound

I garden more and I relish the feel of soil in my hands.  I am also generously rewarded by the blooms that nature then provides. Planting is the ultimate act of faith, just ask any farmer….

I walk and bike around the neighborhood.  After having spent years on a Dakota farm, I miss the closeness with nature that used to be right out the farmhouse door….so I have discovered parks and nature preserves like Armand Bayou and Clear Creek Nature Center which allow a momentary escape from the urban scene.

I am meditating more, watching cable less.  I turn on my cd’s and Pandora more, and the commercial radio less.  I try not be compulsed by the news, and instead spend time sending positive thoughts of love and acceptance and kindness out into my life’s sphere and into the world.  I see many of my friends changing too… and some of my friends tease and laugh at me, but I know that we can be the change we want to see. Be blessed.


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