Tis the Season…to Watch Your Weight

Holy Cow…the year is almost gone…the Holidays are upon us….and the partying mood is about to commence. This is the time of year when we over indulge our children, our wallets, and our stomachs. Then sadly repentant, we try to atone with New Year’s Resolutions that never fly…

So maybe it is time to remember to be more considerate of our credit cards and appetites, and have more joy now and less remorse later.

The American Institute for Cancer Research released some pretty upsetting data that links the propensity of certain types of cancer to excessive body fat… and remember that 30 pounds overweight is considered a BMI of 30, which falls under the obesity category.

Below are percentages of specific cancers attributed to obesity:

  • Endometrial   49%
  • Esophagial  35%
  • Pancreatic  28%
  • Kidney  24%
  • Gallbladder  21%
  • Breast  17%
  • Colorectal  9%

The message is clear:  “Take care of yourself…Take care of your weight.”

That is the best holiday gift you can give to yourself and to those who care about you.

Enjoy the season in moderation…..if you splurge, don’t feel guilty…but don’t lose sight of the fact that you need to resume healthy choices….one splurge doesn’t have to be the excuse or justification for a month of bad behaviors.

  • Take the best women vitamins that already has your essential vitamins and trace minerals factored in it.
  • Exercise daily,
  • Meditate and be grateful for the opportunities to share good times with friends and family.
  • Don’t stress yourself out with unrealistic expectations…..

Above all,  don’t forget that it tis the season to be a living, healthy, happy gift

Healthy Holidays with Women Vitamins

Healthy Holidays from Women Vitamins


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