Balanced Health: Body, Spirit, Mind

Womens Soul Evolving

Womens Soul Evolving

If you have read my bio—you know that I am an artist.  I teach middle school kids, which means I spend most of my life with 12 and 13 year olds….OK…so now you can feel sorry for me and buy my products…lol

Every once in a while, I force myself to take time and do some art pieces that are not in the middle school curriculum. Lately, I have been playing with watercolor/collages…in an abstract form.    It is eminently satisfying to see the end results, and makes me vow to take more time for my own creative processes.  I am validated again, and feel rejuvenated.

I know that being healthy is a balance of mind, body and spirit.  And these aspects make us into the unique person we truly are….but they are ALL equal parts of us….and sometimes we forget to take care of our minds and our spirits.  It is easy to focus on the body, because when we don’t, it tells us, in loud tones, that it is not happy.   But the spirit and mind speak in much softer tones, sometimes so softly that we don’t hear them at all….and then one day, we awaken depressed, anxious, bewildered….and we wonder what is wrong.

The Holidays are times that may awaken your spirit and mind….they may start talking louder to you, or perhaps you will have some time off in which to listen deeper to them.

Spirit loves…Spirit creates….Spirit desires beauty, kindness, forgiveness, caring….all the values that make us human…and that are there to guide us to the next level of human evolution….the evolution of the soul.  Be a seeker of light this season…

Mind is curious…Mind is hungry….Mind doesn’t want to be satisfied, it knows there is more out there…..and it desires to know more…. That false lull, that rut of routine just “drug” the mind into stasis….Mind does not really want to remain in equilibrium… wants to grow, stretch, be challenged….  Be that Mind that goes beyond the normal limitations of routine this season…

Take time during the Holidays to refresh your skills and talents, to share and learn, laugh and enjoy.  Read a good book, have a real discussion with a friend, visit a museum (even online), dust off an old talent….

Give your Spirit and Mind the gifts of your presence…..Be in the now.   Be healthy.  Be happy.  Be at ease.

Be blessed, Kersten


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Kersten Conway- a single-parent mother, artist, entrepreneur, life-long learner, and art teacher who was raised all over America. Moved to H View all posts by Kersten

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